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"Previously, when we made our product roadmap, we never had research integrated into it, because we always assumed that we knew. Even the hypotheses, were not 100% backed by research and we didn’t actually deep-dive further.   As we scale globally, and after going through the Useristics program, we have revised this years’ (2021) company Q4 OKRs and integrated a research agenda in our strategy.”

Ganesh S.
CEO & Founder, Stylumia
(ex- Walmart, Myntra) 
"This course is powerful.  I came here with a specific problem but after the first two sessions I realized that I needed to back up even further and get closer to the user and find what is the key problem we are solving first.”

Danielle Maveal
Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer at Burb
(ex- Etsy, Airbnb, Lyft)
"Useristics is one of the best curated cohorts for user research. Paul and Tina have designed the cohort to best suit their audience. They've helped us to bring the user-centric culture to our company. One of the best things (& my favourite part) about this course was the office hours, where I got to practice what I learned during the course. I strongly recommend Useristics to anyone in business who is looking for growth."

Sarvestha Sona
UX designer, Stylumia
(ex- Amazon, Societe Generale, Diesel)

Hear from Dominic about his User Understanding course experience 

Dominic Zijlstra,
Founder, Traverse.Link 
(ex. Iwoca, Airbus)
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