Strategies to enable
sustainable user growth

Tailored, white-glove strategies to meet your unique user growth needs

Strategy Expertise

Every business is unique. At Useristics, we help you understand the users you have, and those you have yet to win. Within companies, different teams also have different needs, so our consulting services are shaped to deliver actionable insights that meet the needs of your various internal teams. One-size-fits-all strategies don't work. We work closely with you and your team to understand your users so you can design and build products better, market more effectively, and deliver an insight driven user experience.

User first culture

Whether you're a large public company or small business, your users are your most valuable asset. Our strategies are designed to foster a user-centric approach to your company's development and growth.

Sustainable Growth

We cover every aspect of growth, from adoption to retention, monetization and engagement, to churn and resurrection. Whatever the user feature or quality, we have it covered.

Achieve Goals & OKRs

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile.

Robust Foundation

Our workshops and training programs provide the strategic foundational user knowledge and skills businesses require, allowing anyone the ability to talk to users, conduct user research, analyze data, and deliver actionable user insights.​

Synthesize Data

Whatever the user features or quality, we help startups marry different types of data. From qualitative and quantitative data, to attitudinal and behavioral data, we help businesses understand how to best apply their data sources to prioritize, be efficient, and user-centric in focus.


Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner for a specific project, or a long-term trusted advisor, Useristics has you covered.sessions through desktop and mobile.

Questions we can help you answer

How do understand who is a customer, and who is a user?  
How should we talk to our users?
How do we segment our users? 
How do we marry attitudinal and behavioral user data? 
How should we price our product?
How do we build a roadmap to achieve sustainable growth?
How do we understand who is our ideal customer profile? 
How to talk to users about the next feature you want to build?

A typical scope of work

Based on our previous strategy sessions with startups.

Early-stage startups

  • Helping the founding team define who their ideal users and customers are
  • Determining the criteria for early user adoption (first 100 users)
  • Providing feedback on product and design concepts
  • Establishing benchmark metrics
  • Constructing a user state model
  • Interpreting early market and user feedback 
  • Getting startups investor ready (including clear narrative about product utility, user, and market size)

Growth-stage startups

  • Crafting a product launch campaign
  • Building an internationalization roadmap
  • Determining the total addressable market
  • Overseeing a startup's first customer segmentation
  • Shaping narratives, such as the value proposition
  • Establishing state of user surveys
  • Helping teams understand public policy implications
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